Thursday September 21, 2023

Strong govt has people’s backing, not establishment’s: Imran

The PTI chief says PTI govt never picked women or entered people’s homes

By News Desk & Our Correspondent
May 31, 2023
PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — AFP/ File
PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — AFP/ File

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said a “strong government” has people’s backing, not the “establishment’s support”. The PTI chief, while addressing his supporters virtually on Tuesday, in a jibe at the ruling coalition government, said the country’s institutions were being destroyed as they had been asked to break his party, the Geo News reported.

“Those institutions that were supposed to stop crimes have been tasked with ending the PTI,” he said and appealed that he be briefed on the roadmap for the future. “What I have understood is that a new king’s party is being made. Those who have left [PTI] are being added to that party,” claimed the former prime minister who was voted out in April last year.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN), he insisted, was losing support as people were not willing to attend its public gatherings. The PMLN is connected with all the “cruelty” that is happening in the country. He wondered if this was the way that a coalition was supposed to take the country out of the mess.

“A strong government is one that has people behind it, not the establishment. Don’t be under the illusion that gathering people and having the establishment’s back will help get rid of the [country’s] problems,” he said.

Imran went on to say that only a government which came through people’s mandate could take major decisions. The deposed premier repeated that the country would not survive till the supremacy of law was established in the country. He responded to the PMLN and PPP’s response that they had sustained much worse pressure. He claimed that the cases pursued during his tenure were registered before they had come to power. During the time his party was in power, they never picked women or entered people’s homes. He said his “security head” had gone missing, adding that he would not backtrack on his stance.

“They are spreading fear so that we become slaves. They want to instill fear among the 50% population of the country. This is the time to struggle for Haqeeqi Azadi,” he said, adding that his wife’s warrant was also issued, so that she could be humiliated. “If they stand up and say that Imran Khan is a traitor, will people believe it? It is a difficult time, sacrifices have to be made for freedom, I am ready. I will not accept their slavery in any case, the nation should also prepare.”

Meanwhile, Australian High Commissioner Neil Hawkins called on Imran Khan at Zaman Park on Tuesday. Mutual relations between both the nations came under discussion during the meeting, which also discussed issues related to the human rights situation in Pakistan, economic affairs concerning the two countries and political matters.