Thursday June 01, 2023

NCA opens campus in Gilgit

By Our Correspondent
April 02, 2023

Islamabad: Music has been Rubi's passion since childhood, so she grew up singing at home and reunions with families and friends.

The amateur vocalist from the Nomal valley in Gilgit always wanted to nurture her innate talents with the help of experts but had no opportunities around for music education and training. But now as the National College of Arts (NCA) has opened a campus in the area that is no less than a dream realised for her, the gifted girl jumped at the chance to formally learn music.

Rubi is very excited and hopes that more and more music lovers from the region, especially girls, would follow suit to do fine arts in a professional way. The college stands in the Tech Enclave of Gilgit promising a good future for fine arts in the mountainous region. According to the administration, the NCA's Chilmisdas campus will offer one-week courses in various fine arts disciplines that will be followed by six months of courses and full-fledged degree programs.

"No longer will the youth of GB have to travel hundreds of miles away from their homes and spend lots of money to learn fine arts from reputed institutions. The NCA is at their doorstep offering quality education with the help of highly-qualified faculty. This is indeed a moment of celebration for all," a teacher told 'The News'.