Thursday February 02, 2023

Mayor vows to develop Peshawar

By Bureau report
December 05, 2022

PES­HAWAR: The mayor of Capital Metropolitan Government, Peshawar, Zubair Ali on Sunday said that the development of the provincial capital and restoration of the historical places was his priority.

He said that the restoration of the heritage trail, Gor Khatri and Chowk Yadgar, had been planned. The development work on Chowk Yadgar had been initiated, which included construction of 10 public toilets, he added.

He said that the sanitation and sewerage system of the area would be improved and railing would be erected around Chowk Yadgar to protect this


The work was also in progress on the restoration of Gantaghar while action would continue against encroachment, he added.

He said that all the shops in the provincial capital would be registered with the Capital Metropolitan Government that would help in putting a permanent end to encroachment.

The shops area would be demarcated and the shopkeepers would not be allowed to encroach on footpaths, he said, adding that in case of violation

action would be taken against them.