A thing of summer

By Nida Mohsin
Tue, 08, 22

For those looking for a long-lasting fragrance from the moment they step out of their morning shower, body mists are a staple for your fragrance wardrobe…

A thing of summer


A great deal of snobbery surrounds perfumes. We all love perfumes, especially women. We just love to splash some good smell at home, in the office, in the ambiance and in ourselves. For fragrance-lovers, the spritz of a trusted scent is the finishing touch to the beauty regimen before heading out for the day or night.

Regardless of your fragrance style or scent preference, the warmer summer season calls for a different composition than your typical eau de parfum, perfume or cologne. Enter: the body spray or mist, the ideal olfactory addition for the summertime.

With an ever-growing selection of perfumes to choose from, you may be wondering why you need a body mist. For those looking for a long-lasting fragrance from the moment they step out of their morning shower, body mists are a staple for your fragrance wardrobe…

Why body mists are so popular: A body mist is a lighter version of the fragrance that is often feminine with fruity, floral notes. They are softer, with a less concentrated and more delicate smell. They don’t last as long as a perfume and can take around (more or less) 3 hours. They are very similar to a body spray because they contain a higher level of alcohol and water with a low level of concentrated oils.

A thing of summer

These lighter, brighter formulas are perfect for everyday wear and to layer with complimenting perfumes or body products, such as shower gel or body lotions.

What’s especially great about body sprays/mists is the fact that scent profiles run the gamut, from the classics, including rose, floral and vanilla-based fragrances, to options that are a little more frisky and unexpected. They provide a light and breezy touch that can work in unison with your existing signature smell.

Budget Friendly: Body mists are less expensive than perfumes, and can be used in conjunction or as a complementary scent to a favourite eau de toilette or perfume. Their budget-friendly price, because of their lower concentration of fragrance oils, and increased size means body mists are perfect as an on-the-go fragrance refresher. Body mists are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite scents for less.

Set the mood: The water-based formula of body mists means they’re equally as perfect for sprucing up your home before guests come over. Set the mood by gently spraying body mists around your home and on upholstery and cushions (being careful not to spray any delicate fabrics!) for a subtle yet sweet home scent.

Body mist vs perfume: Perfume is basically a mixture of essential oils, alcohol, and water. Its aroma is stronger because the concentration of essences is 15 per cent to 20 per cent whereas mist contains between 1 per cent and 5 per cent essence. Body sprays/mists have a lower level of concentrated oil and more alcohol, while perfumes have a higher level of oil and less water or alcohol.

Lasting up to 4 hours, the longevity of a body mist is shorter than that of perfume, so you’ll need to top up your body mist throughout the day to keep the beautiful scent lasting longer. The shorter life span of body mists means they are often available in larger sizes and at a fraction of the price of perfume, giving you even more reason to keep spritzing all day long!

A thing of summer

Wear your layers: Body mist, if used alone, will fade away in a couple of hours, and you may have to re-apply to maintain the subtle scent. However, when layered with a perfume or body lotion, body mist can offer lasting fragrance. Body mists should never be advocated as a substitute for perfumes; rather, they are complementary and add an extra layer of scent to enhance the overall effect. The light pleasant aroma is a great way to wander throughout while feeling refreshed. You can apply the mist immediately after showing or bathing or before stepping.

Our favourite body mists this summer:

The Body Shop: Gentle and refreshing, the fruity, zesty, floral and even nutty The Body Shop fragrances are brought to you in a fine body mist – the lightest way to wear your fragrance. These delicate body sprays come in your favourite ranges: Coconut, Moringa, Mango, and White Musk Spritz to get yourself ready to go.

Victoria’s Secret: It offers an array of enticingly sensual fragrance mists. The best Victor’s Secret body mists combine an array of delightfully intoxicating perfume notes for a number of attention-grabbing scents. The mists not only smell amazing, but they offer incredible value and can even be layered on top of matching body lotions for a buildable scent.

A thing of summer

Khaadi: The mists are a dazzling bouquet of summer blossoms that are intense in fragrance and created to bedazzle you every day. They are a refreshing blend of warm oriental and delicate summery flower that will refresh you – a nonstop celebration of intense floral notes that are a symphony for the senses every day.

Sapphire: Their beautiful, fresh mists have the unique qualities for you to celebrate and love them. The light mists will keep you fresh, chirpy and will work like a charm to kick-start your day on a high note.

Gul Ahmed Ideas: Offering interesting notes of bergamot, and fruity floral, combined with cedar wood, amber, and patchouli, the mists will give you the level of confidence you need to wear for your everyday life. You never have to worry about the aroma of the mists being too powerful or overwhelming.