Poems forever

By S. K
Fri, 12, 21

There ain't a single issue everyday that ignites the frustration among the kids...

Poems forever


Proud music of the Storm

By Walt Whitman

PROUD music of the storm!

Blast that careers so free, whistling

across the prairies!

Strong hum of forest tree-tops!

Wind of the mountains!

Personified dim shapes! you hidden


You serenades of phantoms,

with instruments alert,

Blending, with Nature’s rhythmus,

all the tongues of nations;

You chords left us by vast composers!

you choruses!

You formless, free, religious dances!

you from the Orient!

You undertone of rivers, roar of

pouring cataracts;

You sounds from distant guns,

with galloping cavalry!

Echoes of camps, with all the

different bugle-calls!

Trooping tumultuous, filling the

midnight late, bending me powerless,

Entering my lonesome slumber-chamber

—Why have you seiz’d me?

The youth wonders today

By Nazish Sabir

The youth wonders today

about where we and our leaders stand.

The young souls keep on joining the dots

from history to the current scenarios.

There ain't a single issue everyday that ignites the frustration among the kids

on why there seems to be chaos around and how far they hover along.

The innocent playful-minds seem to be in a cruel realm of passing days,

Where every single day they wake up with a hope of joy and peace,

But with utmost sadness they drive through the bad situations every hour of the night, on the exact same days,

Remembering the real stories on chaos, violence and brutalities

Invisible Intrigues

By Ayesha Malik

Stationary is the life of art

Each moment pierces the heart

Eternal is the nightingale's song

Rampant across the canvas long

The strokes intrigue the colors

Merging in an array of odours

The moment remains the same

Through annals of time and space

The hues of nature never change

Yet each interaction is strange

The sun comes up on the horizon

Engendering the glorious environ

An anticipation of the new

Glory calling from each pew

The frail man slowly stands up

Taking one step until the sun is up

His tiny struggle inspires the rest

Who felt absolutely bereft

They stride faster than the

frail man

Offering support as much

as they can

He abhors each helping hand

Adamant to make a final stand

Humanity hails and nature entails

Art stirs up from the dusty glaze

Life begins anew from a

single step

Rises forth to fall in glory's lap.


By Ali Asghar Ghani

Once upon a time

in a land far away

There lived people

known for growing

forests of love

from tiny seeds of


Compiled by SK