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The Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) is Pakistan’s first private autonomous examination body....

Strengthening student assessment in Balochistan

The Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) is Pakistan’s first private autonomous examination body, established in 2003, with primary purposes to improve the standard of education by delivering high quality, accessible syllabi and examinations across the nation in accordance with the National Curriculum of Pakistan.

The Aga Khan University Examination Board hosted a closing ceremony to acknowledge the participants and contribution of stakeholders for the successful completion of the Capacity Development Programme of Student Assessment 2018-2019 in collaboration with the Government of Balochistan, United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and European Union (EU), in Quetta.

Over the course of this training, AKU-EB provided technical support to build the capacity of various institutions on student assessment from the education sector of Balochistan, including the Balochistan Assessment and Examination Commission, the Bureau of Curriculum, Policy, Planning and Implementation Unit, the Directorate of Schools, and the Professional Institute of Teacher Education.

Mr Syed Arif Shah Shirazi, Chief Executive Officer, Balochistan Assessment and Examination Commission, stated: “Assessment is the means by which we can ensure that we live up to the high standards set by this training. Under the skilled guidance of the AKU-EB and the dedicated input by those that have participated in this programme, I am confident that the educational landscape of Balochistan will be transformed before our very eyes.”

Pakistani medical student sets new record

Dr Royna Aslam of Punjab Medical College of Faisalabad has set a new record of receiving 18 Gold medals in each subject. With this feat, Aslam has become the first student in Punjab to bag maximum medals.

Why people who can have an impact should stay in Pakistan

“I’ve always wanted to do - everything that I do - in Pakistan. If you truly want to do something that can change the course of your country’s history, even if it is a small thing, I would encourage them to do that. Since nobody else started hand-drawn animation here and now that I have taken up the task, I have to see it through to the end and to do it right.If you’re in a position to do something and empower other people to pursue their dreams then it is your responsibility to do that.”

- Usman Riaz, founder of Mano Animation Studios

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