Monday October 03, 2022

Prince William admits following Queen coffin 'brought back' Diana funeral

Prince William holds back tears during emotional moment with royal fans

By Web Desk
September 16, 2022

Prince William is showing his emotional side royal admirers at Sandringham.

The Prince of Wales was accompanied by wife Kate Middleton to the Norfolk estate on Thursday, where he honoured his late grand mother with the crowd.

One of the attendees revealed: “He told us following the coffin had reminded him of his mother’s funeral, of Diana. He said it had been very difficult.”

Another shared: “I said, ‘Your mother would be so proud of you, and thank you for sharing your grief with us’, and he said, ‘I’m learning that she was everyone’s grandmother, the way people have reacted’.”

“Don’t cry now – you’ll start me," said William on the verge of tears.

William also told another member of the crowd: “Doing the walk yesterday was challenging. It brought back a few memories.

“It’s one of these moments where you kind of think to yourself, ‘I’ve prepared myself for this’, but I’m not that prepared.”