Sunday September 25, 2022

Demi Lovato advices young girls to not get involved with older men: ‘Not fun!’

Demi Lovato says 'it's not okay' to date older men thinking it will be 'fun' for young girls

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August 25, 2022

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Demi Lovato warned young girls  against  getting involved with men older in age thinking it would be "fun" telling them that "it's not."

During Wednesday’s episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the Heart Attack singer, 30, warned against dating men older in age thinking that its “sexy.”

This comes after the Disney alum released a track 29 rumoured to be dissing her ex Wilmer Valderrama, whom she dated at age 18 while he was 11 years her senior.

“If you’re a young girl and you think that it’s sexy or fun to date older men, it’s not OK unless you’re of age,” the singer told host Alexandra Cooper.

“I think sometimes the public needs the truth, and that’s why I decided to release … [this] single,” she said referring to her hotly released song.

“I think the message is so important,” Lovato added.

In her latest song, Lovato seems to be criticizing Valderrama, 42, for dating her as teenager when he was 29-year-old from 2010 to 2016.

“Finally 29 / Funny, just like you were you at the time,” Lovato sings. “Thought it was a teenage dream / Just a fantasy / But was it yours or was it mine?”

“Just five years of bleeders, student and a teacher / Far from innocent / what the f**k's consent? / Numbers told you not to / but that didn't stop you,” the singer croons.

However, Lovato did not confirm if the song is in fact about her former boyfriend, saying, "And I'm very careful with the way that I answer these questions because I feel like the song says it all."

"I would be lying if I said I didn't have a ton of anxiety about putting out this song. I just said, 'I have to go for this. I have to own my truth,'" Lovato said during interview with Zane Lowe.

"And I do still walk that line very finely," she added.