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Inam Butt takes Silver in Commonwealth Games 2022

Pakistan's Inayat Ullah bagged a Bronze medal in Men's Free Style 65 kg Wrestling event earlier

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August 05, 2022
Pakistani wrestlers Inam Butt (L) and Zaman Khan. — Twitter/File
Pakistani wrestlers Inam Butt (L) and Zaman Khan. — Twitter/File

BIRMINGHAM: Indian wrestler Deepak Punia wins Gold medal in the Wrestling final of the Commonwealth Games 2022 against Pakistan’s Inam Butt. He won the game leading by three points.

Butt earlier defeated South Africa’s Edward Lessing by 5-3 in Men's Freestyle 86kg Wrestling event's semi-final, ensuring a medal for Pakistan. He was competing for Gold against Punia in the Men's Freestyle 86kg category.

Canada’s Amarveer Dhesi won the  Men's Freestyle 125kg category against Pakistan's Zaman Anwar who has won Silver in the final game of the Men's Freestyle 125kg category.

Earlier in the Men's Freestyle 65kg category, Pakistan bagged another medal in the Commonwealth Games after wrestler Inayatullah won the Bronze medal in the fight against Scotland’s Ross Connelly. Inayat defeated Connelly in the second round.

So far, Pakistan has won three medals in the games — one Gold and two Bronze.

Pakistani wrestlers Inam Butt and Zaman Anwar reached the finals in the 86kg and 125kg categories, respectively.