Sunday August 07, 2022

Jennifer Aniston reveals her eating habits and workout routine: Deets inside

Jennifer Aniston reveals the one 'vital' thing for living a good life

By Web Desk
June 13, 2022

Jennifer Aniston opened up about her eating habits as she said that the most important thing in life is to surround yourself with good people.

In an interview with E! News, the Friends alum talked about her workout routine and what she eats to stay healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

"Right before my workout, I'll have a little bit of a bar, then a little bit after and I'm totally satiated until I get to lunch,” the Murder Mystery star said.

She added, "If I'm driving around all day, it's usually my cooler in the car and I'll have it on my way home so I'm not so starving that I just eat like, crap or to eat too much."

The actor, who rose to fame when she played the iconic role of Rachel Green in the hit comedy sitcom, revealed that her cooler is stocked with chilled water and vitamins all the time.

She said, "The cooler happened because I've learned my lesson," as she added, "Living as we live in California, you go to get your bar and you open the package and it's just like a melted Easter gone bad disaster."

“I'm a bar person, I love a protein bar,” Aniston revealed. “It's great to have something you can grab and throw in your bag and just have it for the day."

Aniston shared with the outlet that her mornings start with meditation, adding, "I just get my feet on the floor and sit down in front of a little altar. If I'm away, I just find a space for it. And even if it's five minutes, 10 minutes, just I have to do it."

"I just try to listen to my body because sometimes my body's saying let's run, let's do your 45 minutes of cardio and then I try to mix it up," she further shared. "I'm loving Pilates because it feels like I'm getting a like a big bang for my buck because there's sort of a meditative experience that I have."

However, the star said that the most “vital” thing is to surround herself with good people which she said is "vital, it is vital, honestly."

“It really is," Aniston added.