Tuesday August 09, 2022

Prince Harry now coming to terms with ‘deep unhappiness’: report

Prince Harry has reportedly started to ‘come to terms with his ‘deep unhappiness’

By Web Desk
June 06, 2022

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Experts believe Prince Harry seems to be ‘coming to terms’ with ‘how much he misses his life’ in the UK.

Royal commentator Neil Sean made this claim on his YouTube Channel.

He was quoted saying, “Let me tell you one thing I did notice and this is that Prince Harry looks deeply unhappy up close and not at all happy with his new lot in life.”

“It's obvious he misses this life and this is a stark reminder of what he has walked away from, and I would say he knows it.”

“Now a life of injunctions, press attacks, and failed TV deals awaits him and Meghan upon their return, which can’t be nice.”

“No matter what he said about being trapped in this life, he sure made snappy he rushed back to grab the limelight and that truly was the feeling within the royal circle today.”

“I think what really happened - and I do know somebody very close within there - is that yesterday was a wake-up call as to what he’d actually left, particularly the military stuff.”

“He’s very passionate about that and the uniform and all that sort of stuff, the motley medals as we call them - it was all a little bit strange and that’s got to resonate.”