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Randhir Kapoor rubbishes Ranbir Kapoor’s 'early stage dementia statement

Ranbir Kapoor reveals in his latest media interaction that his uncle is in early stages of dementia

By Web Desk
April 01, 2022
Randhir Kapoor rubbishes Ranbir Kapoor’s early stage dementia statement
Randhir Kapoor rubbishes Ranbir Kapoor’s 'early stage dementia statement

Randhir Kapoor, the veteran actor and Ranbir Kapoor’s uncle, has rubbished his nephew’s statement regarding early stage dementia.

Ranbir was recently promoting his late father’s (Rishi Kapoor) movie Sharmaji Namkeen, and in this regard, he spoke to NDTV where he revealed that his uncle Randhir is showing early signs of dementia.

However, Randhir speaking to ETimes refused the Rockstar actor’s comment and said that he is perfectly fine.

Reportedly, he laughed off and quoted as saying, “Aisa kuch nahi hua (Nothing has happened) Not at all. I am perfectly fine. I just had COVID sometime ago.”

Upon further probe from the media portal on why the young star made this claim, Randhir replied, “Ranbir ki marzi (It’s Ranbir’s preference); he is entitled to say what he wants.”

Ranbir’s uncle also highlighted that he enjoyed his brother Rishi’s acting. 

“Like always, he was good. He was a very good actor. The movie was good," he added.