Thursday October 28, 2021

Willow Smith recalls scary home invasion incident by cyberstalker

Willow Smith shares the story of a scary break-in attempt by a relentless cyberstalker

By Web Desk
October 08, 2021

Willow Smith recently sat down for a chat and addressed the scary break-in attempt that happened to her while she was away on vacation.

She addressed it during an appearance on the latest episode of Red Table Talk where she admitted, “I'm used to people saying things online.”

“I'm used to having thousands and thousands of people with not very good things to say. I've been cyberbullied for my whole life. Cyberstalking is a little bit more insidious and scary.”

She went on to add, “They're watching all of your social media accounts to see what your movements are.”

“And this guy was doing that to me and he was doing that to me for a couple of years, actually, and he basically got my patterns.”

“During December when we were gone for family vacation, he actually came to my house and broke in while we were away. Crazy times. Crazy stuff.”

While recalling the security footage, Willow admitted, “Thank God I wasn't there. That was a physical trespassing situation.”

Also, “They only gave me a certain amount of time for a restraining order. I wanted to extend it, but for some reason, they said that I couldn't and I would have to testify again. I would have to come back to court again.”