Prince Andrew to be awarded with Platinum Jubilee medal

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly going to present Prince Andrew with a Platinum Jubilee medal

By Web Desk
September 27, 2021

Prince Andrew is reportedly on the participant list to receive an honorary medal celebrating his work on behalf of the royal family despite his looming case against Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

The medal is to be handed off in celebration of the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee.

During the course of the entire ceremony, Queen Elizabeth will present 400,000 medals to frontline workers, emergency workers, prison service workers and those in the Armed Forces.

However, some of the Queen’s family members will also be presented with the medals strictly on an honorary basis.

According to Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, the medals will be given to Royal Family members regardless of whether they work for the Firm, and that includes Prince Andrew.

A source close to the Palace also stepped forward and admitted that “It is purely commemorative” given that the Queen buys the medals for her family on her own.

The Daily Express notes that this year, even private husbands of the royals will receive medals.