Prince Andrew ‘cannot hope to hide from this’ lawsuit: report

Experts fear Prince Andrew is in no way capable of being able to ‘hide from the lawsuit’ any longer

By Web Desk
September 26, 2021

An expert recently weighed in on Prince Andrew’s consistent attempts to hide away from court proceedings.

This claim’s been made by attorney David Boies and during his interview with The Times he was quoted saying, “I don't view this as taking on the Royal Family.”

“I view this as taking on one particular person who engaged in conduct that I am sure the Royal Family privately disapproves of, as much as anybody else.”

“I sympathise very much with the Queen, in the same sense that I sympathise with any mother whose child ends up in the same kind of trouble Prince Andrew’s had.”

In his candid interview with the outlet, Mr Boies admitted that this new lawsuit is sure to “make it harder” for the Queen to see him as her favourite son any longer. Especially, considering his continued attempts to hide his head in the sand, akin to an ostrich.