Lady Louise standing at the cusp of major royal decision over title of ‘princess’

Lady Louise is currently at the cusp of a major royal decision in her future

By Web Desk
September 25, 2021

Sixteenth in line to the throne, Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, reportedly has a lot of life-changing decisions awaiting her ahead of her 18th birthday.

This claim’s been made by royal expert Phil Dampier in a new BBC documentary.

According to his claim, Lady Louise may become the royal family’s ‘secret weapon’.

He admitted, "Because she’s the granddaughter of the Queen, Lady Louise can call herself a princess when she becomes 18... and there’s a strong argument for her doing it.

“She seems to be very mature for her age, and she’s shaping up to be precisely the kind of person the Queen can rely on in the future.”

“Could there be a role for her in a slimmed-down monarchy? The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had 1,500 patronages between them.”

“You have to ask yourself who is going to continue their legacy, what with Harry and Meghan and Prince Andrew off the scene? There’s a huge workload there.”