Prince Andrew feeling ‘tension in the air’ after facing ‘sudden stark reality’ of abuse case

Prince Andrew seeing a ‘sudden stark reality’ after facing his abuse case

By Web Desk
September 17, 2021

Prince Andrew reportedly met a ‘sudden and stark reality’ with the tension surrounding his abuse case inching closer.

An insider close to The Mirror made the claim and per his findings, “He’s not been his usual blasé self, acting like everything is in hand."

“The issue has suddenly become very pressing and there is a distinct tension in the air.

He also added, “There has been a dramatic shift in mood and the reality that this could not only go on for many months, if not years, as well as costing potentially millions of pounds is very real.

Another insider also chimed in shortly thereafter and went on to say, “The stark reality is that the Duke and his team need to face the fact they need to address this.”