Michael Polansky is Lady Gaga's 'rock' through thick and thin

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August 5, 2021

Michael Polansky and Lady Gaga are super serious, says source 

Michael Polansky has stuck by Lady Gaga's side despite trials and tribulations and is her true 'rock.'

As confirmed by a source close to the couple, Polansky and Gaga are super serious.

"Michael is her North Star,” the source said. "He is such a grounding and guiding presence for her."

According to the insider, the pair has a deep connection and the tech entrepreneur sees a side of Gaga that many others don't.

"They are the real deal," the source added. "He loves Lady Gaga, but he’s in love with Stefani."

"He loves the theatrics and her artistry, but he is very happy being out of the spotlight and letting her shine," the source continued.

Despite being in love, the pair makes an effort to keep their relationship away from the public eye and avoid being photographed. However, that doesn't mean Polansky isn't around, the source assured.