Prince Harry’s ‘running commentary’ over memoir broken down by experts

Prince Harry’s approach to provide ‘commentary’ on every aspect of the memoir has been blasted by experts

By Web Desk
August 3, 2021

Experts recently put Prince Harry on blast for trying to give constant “running commentary” regarding his upcoming memoir.

The claim has been brought forward by Pod Save the Queen host Ann Gripper and in her chat with royal editor Russell Myers she was quoted saying, “You get footballers who do their first autobiography at the age of about 22 and then they’ll do another one later in their career and then maybe they’ll go on into management or have some kind of life outside football and then they’ll do another one.”

“So saying that Prince Harry will publish a second book after the Queen has died ‒ there is potentially a long period of his life, that is not necessarily an opportunistic ‒ ‘right the Queen has died now, I can wash all the dirty washing that I didn't feel comfortable washing when she was alive’.”

“Maybe this is me being optimistic, sunny uplands, but I did think that this is going to be a book about a particular stage of his life, or the story so far. And he is still building the next stage of his life and that potentially will be a whole other thing to think about.”