Kate Middleton working tirelessly to ‘pacify’ Meghan Markle’s Lilibet tensions

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August 3, 2021

Kate Middleton is working tirelessly to try and ‘pacify’ Meghan Markle’s Lilibet drama.

This claim has been brought forward by relationship expert Sami Wunder and in her interview with Express, the expert was quoted saying, “For the last month I haven’t seen anything new and negative come up from Harry and Meghan after Lili’s birth and I think Kate is making amends and trying to pacify Meghan.”

“Because I actually believe Meghan came in with a lot of passion to do good work and she had really good intentions and I think there is huge disappointment on the part of Harry and Meghan, because they did try and they really did want to do good for the Royal Family. So do I believe there is hope for reconciliation? Absolutely.”

She also added, “I think the birth of a child always represents a fresh start and an opportunity for a new beginning.”

“And I think Kate comes from a very stable, loving family and she understands that this isn’t about ego, this is about understanding that ‘we are a family’.”

“And so I think it’s amazing that she makes this first step towards Meghan, who I am sure also feels happy that she is being reached out to.”