Billie Eilish reveals possibly disappointing fans with ‘Happier Than Ever’ album release

Billie Eilish gets candid about her fear of possibly ‘disappointing’ her fan base

By Web Desk
July 29, 2021

Award winning singer and songwriter Billie Eilish recently got candid about her hopes for the Happier Than Ever album as well as her fears of possibly ‘disappointing’ her fans.

The singer explained it all during her interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

She began by saying, “Wow, that’s nuts. [expletive] ya, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I really want to not make them feel like I’m gone, you know, cuz I’m not, I’m right here and I’ve been here the whole time.”

While attempting to explain the cause of her fears Eilish admitted, “I think the hard thing is that we haven’t done shows, I haven’t had a way to actually prove to them that I’m still theirs. And I think that that’s tough and I think that it’s made them go crazy and I totally understand it and I feel the same. It’s made me go crazy too.”

Before concluding Eilish added, “It’s been really, really destructive to not have shows and not be able to see them in person and hold them and hug them and talk to them and do all the things I want to do.”