Photos: Tori Spelling celebrates daughter Stella ‘getting her groove back

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July 28, 2021
Photos: Tori Spelling celebrates daughter Stella ‘getting her groove back
Photos: Tori Spelling celebrates daughter Stella ‘getting her groove back

Tori Spelling gushes over the new found confidence, grit and courage her daughter found after having to suffer through years of torment and bullying.

The mother-of-four shared her daughter’s entire transformative journey over on Instagram and captioned a collection of her photos with a caption that highlighted “how Stella [daughter] got her groove back”.

Her caption spoke at length about Stella’s first ever modeling shoot and read, “Her 1st modeling shoot as a teen girl. Stella is an amazing human. Heart of gold & always leads w/kindness. She’s innovative &creative and full of fire. Which is why as a mom it was so painful to see a young woman’s fire dimmed bc of bullying.”

Tori went on to write, “Her bullying started in 5th grade in Encino. Sadly, the boy that bullied her and other girls & boys wasn’t stopped. His parents were on the board. They gave the school a lot of $. Sadly$ won out over the emotional care of the kids.”

“But, worse than that was the bullying she faced from her own principal. With Stella’s bullying came health issues . She developed headaches, stomachaches, panic attacks,& her asthma increased. Emotions can be pretty powerful & manifest into physical ailments. She missed alot of school due to this.”

At one point “She got her dream of being on @gordongram Master Chef. Except this principal said NO (SHE had to sign to allow her). Why? Bc your kids miss too much school. After all stella had been thru w/the boy this principal refused to expel, she wouldn’t let Stella fulfill a day of her passion? So sad. I begged the principal.”

“She finally said “ I’ll sign if your family leaves this school next year”. Wtf? My 4 kids had all been there since kindergarten. Stella was graduating next year! I agreed in tears so Stella could do Master Chef. Well, Stella WON!! I had never seen her confidence like I did that day! Her [fire emoji] was back. That’s the lesson we should be teaching!”

“ I wish I’d had the strength to challenge them! Taken a note from 90210 “Stella McDermott Graduates!”. But, I didn’t . Power and $ won. But, thx to @petitenpretty Stella got her powerful & fulfilling “school” moment! Her confidence now soaring! Your fire is back @stella_mcdermott08 You are a fierce female. So proud of U Buggy!”