Meghan Markle commercialized royal family with ‘American style branding’

Web Desk
July 26, 2021

Meghan Markle has come under fire for allegedly attempting to ‘commercialize’ the royal family through American style branding.

The claim has been brought forward by royal expert Tom Quinn who told Express, “They wanted to be Sussex Royal! Again this is an American culture thing coming in via Meghan.”

“She, having crossed the Atlantic, began to think ‘we have got to be a brand’. That terrible word that the Royal family would always think 'they're talking about brands, its awful!’”

Mr. Quinn also pointed out how the pair always “wanted to be Sussex Royal” but “then they were told they could not be Sussex Royal and they couldn’t be HRH’s.”

“It was the Royal family again saying to them because clearly Meghan and Harry clearly hadn’t checked... ‘You can’t just carry on with the tittles you and when you were working members of the royal family!’”