Prince Harry ‘completely shot himself in the foot’ over decision to leave royal life

Web Desk
July 26, 2021

Prince Harry has been called out for his decision to leave royal life behind in favor of the American dream, with many experts hypothesizing that he completely “shot himself in the foot” with it all.

The claim has been brought forward by Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers and during his interview on the Pod Save the Queen podcast, he was quoted saying, “The former Duke of Windsor waited 15 years before he spilled the beans on royal life and Harry has waited barely 15 months and I think that tells you an awful lot about his character.”

“Rather than going off into the sunset and seeking a life of privacy, he’s actually all too consumed with what people think of him and what narrative is being painted of him, which is completely at odds [with] what we were told were their reasons for leaving the Royal Family.”

“So no doubt it will be absolutely fascinating. An intimate and heartfelt memoir it might be from his side, but I can’t imagine it will be very heartfelt from the people that will no doubt be mentioned in the book, and we are talking about senior royals.”