Prince William, Kate give warning shot to Harry, Meghan: 'Better off without you'

The Sussexes have been told Prince William, Kate are 'not trapped'

By Web Desk
July 26, 2021

The Sussexes have been told Prince William, Kate are 'not trapped'

Prince William and Kate Middleton have fired warning shots to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to tell them they are better off without them. 

With the Duke of Cambridge strongly condemning the racial abuse England's football player were subjected to, during the finale of Euro Cup 2020, the Sussexes have been told he is 'not trapped.'

In a tweet signed W, he wrote, "I am sickened by the racist abuse aimed at England players after last night’s match. It is totally unacceptable that players have to endure this abhorrent behaviour. It must stop now and all those involved should be held accountable."

According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, William and Kate wanted to send a clear message to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with this stance.

"William and Kate are definitely on the charm offensive right now—and it’s working. While William has always spoken out against racism, his statement this time was really powerful and especially relevant after Harry and Meghan’s accusation about the royal family," Larcombe said of the tweet.

"William and Kate have kept a dignified silence but now they’re letting their actions do the talking. It’s almost as if they’re sending a secret message to Harry and Meghan saying, 'We’re going to keep going, we’re still here, we’re not backing down, we’re carrying on.' It’s a message to Harry that life continues—with or without him."

The expert went on to add, “There’s no doubt the Cambridges have taken his accusation that William is 'trapped' in a role he doesn’t want and are determined to show that isn’t the case. Kate is full of smiles wherever she goes—she’s sending a message back to Harry and Meghan saying, 'We’re happy, we’re fun—we’re not trapped like you said we are.'"