The Firm urged to ‘assume the worst’ with Prince Harry’s tell-all four book deal

Prince Harry called out for putting the Firm through a ‘nerve wracking’ ordeal with his four-book deal

By Web Desk
July 25, 2021

Experts warn the royal family, urging them “to assume the worst” and brace for the impact of Prince Harry’s alleged greed.

This claim has been brought forward in a column by royal author Sarah Vine.

In her piece for The Mail on Sunday she questioned Prince Harry’s intentions behind the ‘nerve-wracking’ book deal and claimed, “The revelation that Prince Harry is working on a tell-all autobiography in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer would have been nerve-racking enough for the Queen, given his recent track record with Oprah et al.”

“Now it transpires there are three more books in the pipeline. Admittedly one is a ‘wellness’ tome, to be penned by the Duchess herself, so probably more of the sub-Gwyneth Paltrow guff about the importance of self-love.”

“But the other two remain a mystery –save for the fact that Volume 2 will reportedly be held back until after the Queen dies.”

“If this turns out to be the case, then inevitably there will be speculation as to why. And given the Prince’s recent string of attacks on his family, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume the worst.”