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DG health services says concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccines are not valid

All vaccines being used in Pakistan are strictly monitored, says DG Health Services Rana Safdar

By Web Desk
May 09, 2021
A senior citizen being administering the COVID-19 vaccine at the Red Crescent Coronavirus care Hospital in Rawalpindi. Photo: APP 

ISLAMABAD: DG Health Services  Rana Safdar on Sunday warned masses against falling prey to the misinformation about the coronavirus vaccines, saying that all concerns regarding them are not valid. 

The government official warned masses from falling prey to any misleading and untrue information about coronavirus vaccines being used in Pakistan.

"All vaccines being used in Pakistan are strictly monitored," he said. "Separate checks are conducted to gauge the safety and efficacy of the vaccines," he added.

Safdar said the guidelines for using coronavirus vaccines are based on recent scientific analysis and statistics provided by experts.

"We constantly monitor the process to update the standard operating procedures of the vaccines," he said.

He urged people aged 40 and above to register for the vaccine and called on those who were 50 and above to avail the walk-in vaccination facility available in Pakistan.

"Those aged 50 years and above should just bring along their NICs and mobile phones [to the vaccination centre]," he said.