Monday October 25, 2021

June 14, 2016

South Asia Democracy Watch denounces honour killings in Pakistan  

Raja Zahid Khanzada 

DALLAS: South Asia Democracy Watch (SADeW), an independent organization in Dallas, has condemned government’s inaction in making laws and ignoring the cases of honour killing of innocent women in Pakistan.

The recent killing of a newlywed girl who was burnt alive by her own mother and relatives in Lahore for selecting her soul mate against the wishes of her family is being seen widely as a barbaric crime by women, activists and the civil society in Pakistan.

In a press release, the SADeW Board of Directors launched a protest against women’s killings on the pretext of culture and religion. According the statement, all religions and cultures give women full rights to marry and “We must all condemn the savage and inhuman murder of a teenage daughter by her very own mother in Lahore, Pakistan: Daughter's crime: Marrying a man of her choice.”

The SADeW Board of Directors, its president Aftab Siddiqi and Secretary Syed Fayyaz Hasan have collectively asked the Pakistani authorities to restore the dignity of half of the society and give women their legal, religious and cultural rights in the country. 

“We vehemently urge the Pakistan authorities to prosecute and punish the mother and all those involved in this heinous crime and punish them with the full extent of the law. After thousands of honour killings, it is time to put a final end to these atrocities” the statement reiterated.