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Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence over his new chain-necklace look

Meta CEO reveals his ambitions behind his neck chain

By Web Desk
April 25, 2024
Metas Zuckerberg reveals ambitions behind new chain look. — Instagram/@zuck
Meta's Zuckerberg reveals ambitions behind new chain look. — Instagram/@zuck

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the internet by storm when he appeared with a chain around his neck while announcing the "new version of Meta AI" in a video he posted on Instagram.

While everyone was swooning over Zuckerberg's chain, the story behind it is pretty endearing, Business Insider reported.

While demonstrating the new video-calling feature for Meta's Ray-Ban AI glasses, Zuckerberg talked with Eva Chen, the head of Instagram's fashion partnerships, about developments for the smart glasses and spilled more information on his viral accessory choices.

"I'm in the process of designing a long-term chain," he said in the Meta-owned platform's post.

The 39-year-old said that as part of his "design process," he was testing out necklaces that would eventually hold an engraving of a prayer that he reads to his daughters.

Zuckerberg's new chain look prompted memes and talk of a "glow-up."

The billionaire's new fashion venture has been compared to "mob chic" trends and rapper swag, but Zuckerberg believes it's a sentimental gesture to his children.