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Meghan Markle suffers major setback in US for attempt to tear royals apart

Americans fed up with Meghan Markle and her narrative

By Web Desk
June 21, 2024

Meghan Markle has seeming failed to win Americans with her narrative as the Duchess of Sussex's popularity in the US is sinking.

The Duchess has suffered major setback as American conservatives blasted her during the Turning Point USA convention in Detroit.

Harry and Meghan's relationship with the American public has been mixed since they relocated to California after ditching the UK, but recent popularity polls have the Sussexes on the up.

However, American right-wingers are making their distaste for the former Suits star clear.

"I really don’t like her," one told Steve Edginton on GBN America.

She went on: "Being a conservative, I think she stands for too many liberal things in life. I don’t like how she presented the British Royal Family."

"I know Americans are not supposed to be sympathetic to the royals, but they remain with certain class and certain conservative values that we should appreciate. I don’t like that she tried to tear that apart."

Another was also critical of the Duchess, but her complaints were mainly aimed at her Hollywood background, saying: "I don’t have a lot of high esteem for a lot of them [Hollywood stars].

 "When you’re behind the curtain, you get to see how they really are. There’s a lot of nonsense that goes on."

Some Americans appeared to be not much impressed by Meghan as one went on commenting: "I don’t know much about her. I don’t look up to her like I would look up to Princess Kate."

Meghan's narrative against the royal family was a key sticking point for one conservative, who believed the Duchess caused "such commotion and drama" that was "really unnecessary".