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Here's how Farah Khan gets even with those who do 'bad' to her

Farah Khan revealed that she harbors negative feelings toward those who do wrong to her

By Web Desk
May 26, 2024
Heres how Farah Khan gets even with those who do bad to her
Here's how Farah Khan gets even with those who do 'bad' to her

Bollywood director Farah Khan disclosed that she uses her harsh words to curse those who have wronged her.

During her appearance on the recent episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix, the 59-year-old filmmaker discussed whether she intends to seek revenge against those who have wronged her.

When asked by show host Kapil Sharma whether she leans towards forgiveness or revenge, the Om Shanti Om director disclosed that she has a distinctive approach to handling such situations.

Farah revealed, "I don't exactly take revenge. I harbor negative feelings toward them deep down. I look at them in a certain manner and my curses materialise."

"If someone does something really bad, I wholeheartedly curse them, 'May your next 3–4 films fail at the box office'. So, those whose films are flops, now you understand why," the Tees Maar Khan filmmaker added.

Moreover, Farah Khan also reminisced about a time when Anil Kapoor refused to portray the on-screen father of his real-life daughter, Sonam Kapoor, as he aimed to preserve his youthful image.

She revealed that When director-duo Abbas-Mustan presented the role to Anil, he exclaimed, "What nonsense? How can I be Sonam’s father?"