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Kiran Rao opens up about marrying Aamir Khan due to parental pressure

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao parted their ways after fifteen years of marriage in 2021

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May 23, 2024
Kiran Rao reveals marrying Aamir Khan under family pressure
Kiran Rao reveals marrying Aamir Khan under family pressure 

Kiran Rao, who's basking the success of her recently film, Laapataa Ladies, opened up about her marriage with Bollywood star Aamir Khan.

During an interview with She The People TV, the 50-year-old producer revealed the reason behind her marriage with Aamir, stating, that they tied the knot due to their parents.

While talking about her divorce from the PK star, Kiran said, “Aamir and I lived together for a year before we got married, and honestly, we did it more because parents and you know."

"All the rest of it and even at that time we knew that it’s a great institution if you can function as individuals as well as a couple within that institution."

The Dhobi Ghat director also expressed her concerns regarding divorce and remarked that she took her time and wasn't preoccupied with such worries. 

Expressing the enduring, positive relationship she maintains with Aamir, Kiran divulged, "The thing is that Aamir and I continue to be in a very strong relationship as two humans."

She further emphasized their strong connection, mutual respect, and love, affirming that despite her desire for independence, their bond remains unchanged. 

Kiran also clarified that their decision to maintain separate lives was not due to lack of care, problems, or disagreements.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their separation in 2021 after being married for almost 15 years. They also share a son through surrogacy named, Azad Rao Khan.