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Preity Zinta comments on Shah Rukh Khan's interaction with 'unattractive' women

An old interview of Preity Zinta and Shah Rukh Khan discussing interaction choices is making the rounds on social media

By Web Desk
May 16, 2024
Preity Zinta comments on Shah Rukh Khans interaction with unattractive women
Preity Zinta comments on Shah Rukh Khan's interaction with 'unattractive' women

Preity Zinta remarked that Shah Rukh Khan interacts with "unattractive" women, emphasizing that she doesn't reduce it to physical appearance.

An old interview featuring the 49-year-old actress Shah Rukh has gained attention on Reddit, where she discusses Shah Rukh's tendency to engage with "unattractive" women during their stage shows.

During the conversation, the Kal Ho Na Ho actress said to the Dunki star, "Even during our tour, whenever you called a lady for an interaction, I used to always wonder ki why Shah Rukh calls the most unattractive woman.” 

On which Shah Rukh interrupts, saying that he finds them "beautiful," and then he went on to say, “I find them very beautiful! I find women beautiful! I want my whole life to be surrounded by women. I think they are conscious, they are gentle, they are soft, they are pretty, they smell good, they sound good."

"They feel good, they are lovely! I like women very, very much. And I don’t hide this at all. But my love is not that I have to turn it into a physicality, or into a relationship. Stay as you are, I love you. And I will tell you and I do," he added.

In a Reddit thread, a user commented, “Preity was petty here. He used to call fans who are eager to meet him, I don’t think the beauty parameter would have ever crossed in his mind on those moments! Those girls/ladies loved SRK and he just fulfilled their wish.” 

While another penned, “Most unattractive women??? Who gave her the power to decide who is attractive and who is not.”