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'Tiger' makers unveil Priyanka Chopra's excitement for daughter's response to film

Priyanka Chopra was the filmmakers' initial and exclusive choice for the film Tiger

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Tiger makers reveal Priyanka Chopras excitement for daughters response for film
'Tiger' makers reveal Priyanka Chopra's excitement for daughter's response for film

The makers of Tiger revealed that Priyanka Chopra repeatedly expressed her belief that her daughter, Malti Marie, would thoroughly enjoy it.

During a recent interview with News18, Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz, the directors of Tiger, revealed that the 43-year-old actress was their "first and only" selection for the role.

Mark and Vanessa mentioned that they hadn't broached the subject with Priyanka yet, but they were confident that she might have introduced the film to her 2-year-old.

Mark said, “She kept saying her daughter would absolutely love it. I am not sure if she’s shown it to her yet. Probably she has. But Priyanka loves the film.”

He also discussed their relief upon Priyanka's acceptance of the role.

Emphasizing Priyanka's popularity in India, Vanessa expressed the significance of choosing someone who could connect with the Indian audience.

She said, “This is who we’ve made the film for as much as anyone else but she is also famous internationally, she’s a brilliant actress, she loves Tigers and is also a mum."

"She really, really connected with Amber’s story and I think that brought some warmth and humor to the storytelling," Vanessa added.