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Parineeti Chopra opens up about 'favouritism' in Bollywood

Parineeti Chopra was last seen in Imtiaz Ali's critically acclaimed film 'Amar Singh Chamkila'

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April 21, 2024
Parineeti Chopra talks about favouritism in Bollywood
Parineeti Chopra talks about 'favouritism' in Bollywood 

Parineeti Chopra, who recently garnered praise for the portrayal of Amarjot Kaur in Amar Singh Chamkila, claimed that favouritism exists in the film industry. 

In conversation with Pinkvilla, the actress shared that she was not offered good projects because of the 'camps' in Bollywood.

She added, "Two people who are similarly talented, who can bring the same thing to the table, one will be a favorite and one will be not and the one who is not will lose the work opportunity which is why I really urge that this becomes a meritocracy."

Parineeti said that she feels that "access to certain actors and access to certain directors leads to work opportunity."

The actress believes she has not been offered good scripts due to the special circles within the industry.

The Ishqzaade actress shared, "I don't have somebody making calls for me. I don't have somebody saying take Parineeti in this film, I will do a deal with you, I don't have these things happening for me."

Parineeti said, "I only have my talent, so the day that changes, I think I'll be able to do all the work that I dream of doing."