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Nora Fatehi calls Shah Rukh Khan ‘ambassador of Bollywood and India'

Nora Fatehi recently gushed over Shah Rukh Khan and talked about his popularity in the world

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
Nora Fatehi calls Shah Rukh Khan ‘ambassador of Bollywood and India
Nora Fatehi calls Shah Rukh Khan ‘ambassador of Bollywood and India'

Nora Fatehi described Shah Rukh Khan's larger-than-life presence as "god-given" and referred to him as the "ambassador of Bollywood and India."

In a conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia, the 33-year-old actress, who was last seen in Madgaon Express, discussed Shah Rukh's extensive fan following in various African nations.

She said, “He worked towards maintaining this aura and it is also God given. He didn’t buy it from the supermarket. When he became aware of it, when he understood the responsibility he has to it and what it brought to him, he understood how to carry himself with it."

"It’s beautiful, special and very rare also. We have so many stars in the film industry but only a few of them carry a larger than life aura.”

The Crakk star also emphasized that Shah Rukh's impact extends beyond borders, resonating strongly not just in Canada but also throughout the African subcontinent.

She said, “Canada is still a cosmopolitan place. We have lot of Indian and South Asians but all the countries in Africa would know who Shah Rukh Khan is. Be it Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Somalia and Egypt, all of them would know Shah Rukh Khan. He is the ambassador of Bollywood. He is ambassador of India.”

Expressing why she has been drawn to Shah Rukh and Hindi films since her childhood, Nora said, “It’s his charm and also the kind of films he did. They were family friendly. You could sit at home with family and watch them because that becomes a cultural thing."

"We would watch films at home with family. We couldn’t watch Hollywood films because they weren’t appropriate to watch with family, at least if you come from a brown family.”

Recalling meeting the 58-year-old actor in person, Nora highlighted the deep respect and genuine warmth he showed her, saying, “I have a lot of respect for him because the couple of times I met him, he was very respectful, very warm and nice despite him being one of the most famous persons in the world."

"This wasn’t the case with many other stars who were disrespectful and mean.”