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Solar Eclipse: If it is cloudy on April 8, you may not be able to see celestial event

Clouds can make it difficult for people to see Solar Eclipse

By Web Desk
March 29, 2024

During the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, many people will try to be inside the path of totality, where the moon's shadow fully blocks the sun's face.

However, being within this path does not ensure clear skies on the day of the eclipse, according to Live Science.

What will occur on April 8 if there is cloud cover where you are? When the shadow of the moon passes over you, will you notice anything?

This is determined by the extent and thickness of the clouds. Nevertheless, when the moon's shadow moves across, you will undoubtedly observe some quite strange effects.

If there is a lot of cloud cover on "E-Day," the clouds might work to your benefit since they will act as a kind of projection screen, allowing you to see the black umbral shadow of the moon as it rapidly approaches and departs.

The effect was explained by Isabel Martin Lewis in her 1924 book "A Handbook of Solar Eclipses."

"At the time of eclipse when the shadow of the moon sweeps over us we are brought into direct contact with a tangible presence from space beyond and we feel the immensity of forces over which we have no control," Lewis wrote. "The effect is awe-inspiring in the extreme. In fact, the passing of the moon's shadow, if one is fortunate to observe it, will be one of the most impressive features of the eclipse.”

While, on the other hand, clouds can also make your experience of Solar Eclipse difficult.