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Vivek Oberoi opens up about facing challenges during 'Saathiya' shoot

Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukerji starrer Saathiya was released in 2002

By Anika Khan
February 26, 2024
Vivek Oberoi shares Saathiya film shooting struggles
Vivek Oberoi shares 'Saathiya' film shooting struggles

Vivek Oberoi revealed the difficulties he encountered while filming Saathiya, which featured Rani Mukerji alongside him.

During a recent interview with Humans Of Bombay, the 47-year-old actor disclosed that many people advised him against doing the film, considering him primarily an action hero.

Vicek also disclosed that people doubted his ability to pull off a romantic role, but despite objections, he decided to go ahead with the project.

He told, “I loved the film. Saathiya’s director Shaad Ali is my school friend. He was initially making the film with Abhishek Bachchan but that didn’t work out. I already had my debut film, Company."

Discussing the difficulties he faced, the Prince actor shared that during the shooting of the 2002 film, his first movie Company hadn't hit the screens yet. 

He further mentioned that they were filming at railway stations and due to budget constraints, he had to sleep on benches.

Vivek explained, “I used to change clothes in restaurant toilets because I didn’t have a makeup van. We had to shoot four scenes in a day. We were shooting for 18-20 hours a day."

"There was a time when I was carrying equipment, I had gone back to my assistant days after my debut," he added.