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Samantha Ruth Prabhu unveils her 'best kind of mornings' in new post

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared her current weight in new post

By Anika Khan
February 22, 2024
Samantha Ruth Prabhu offers a peek into her morning routine
Samantha Ruth Prabhu offers a peek into her morning routine

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Indian actress, has revealed her weight, exercise routine, and gives a glimpse of her morning.

Taking to her Instagram account on Thursday, Samantha shared a post, featuring a carousel of pictures in which she showed herself exercising amidst lush green surroundings, revealing her current weight and metabolic age.

In the first photo, the 36-year-old actress could be seen exercising outdoors with the sea and greenery in the background. 

Meanwhile, another picture showcased a beautiful pool surrounded by lush greenery and birds she spotted. 

One of the images featured that she weight 50.1 kg and has a metabolic age of 23, despite being 36 years old. 

The Pushpa: The Rise actress captioned the post, “Forever seeking the morning sun. The best kind of mornings."

Recently, Samantha opened up about the difficult time period of her life, referring it to the "extreme difficult year" for her.

During the first episode of her YouTube podcast, she told, "I remember specifically the year before I had this problem, it was an extremely difficult year for me. I specifically remember the day that I think my friend/partner/manager Himank, and I were traveling back from Mumbai."

 "And this was in June of the year before last, and I remember telling him that finally I feel calm. I haven’t felt a little relaxed and a little calm in a very, very long time," Samantha added.