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Ameesha Patel reveals Sunny Deol calls her with THIS name

Ameesha Patel talked about her friendship with Sunny Deol

By Anika Khan
February 21, 2024
Ameesha Patel says shes connected with Deol family
Ameesha Patel says she's connected with Deol family

Ameesha Patel disclosed that Sunny Deol calls her “Kudiye,” and discussed her cherishing close bond with Sunny Deol and his family.

During an exclusive interview with Filmygyan, the 48-year-old actress talked about speaking Punjabi with Sunny on the set of Gadar 2 and expressed her fondness with Deol family.

She told, "Sakina is now mostly Punjabi. But I can understand Punjabi completely especially when I am on the sets of Gadar. My good fortune is that I've been on it twice now and for long durations.”

“Sunny Deol, Anil Sharma and writer Shaktimaan Talwar talk to each other only in Punjabi. Sunny has developed a habit of talking to me in Punjabi too,” Ameesha added.

Mentioning how she touches Dharmendra and Sunny's mother's feet when they meet, the Bhool Bhulaiyaa actress said, "I am so connected to the Deol household, be it Bobby, Dharam ji."

"They are all fond of me and I love the Deols. When I meet Dharmendra or the mother of Sunny Deol, I touch their feet So I feel I am supposed to know Punjabi to deal with the Deols," she added.

Ameesha further told that she knows Punjabi because of her Punjabi friends, but feels shy speaking it around the Deols who speak it fluently.

Reflecting on receiving a special compliment from Dharmendra before the release of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, the actress told, "Dharam ji had seen the film. When the film finished, I went and touched his feet."

She continued, "He hugged me and said 'I'll tell you one thing that whenever Deols and Patels will come together, that film will create history."