Monday April 15, 2024

Travis, Jason Kelce discuss 'Swifties' on podcast show 'New Heights'

Travis came to Swifties defence as brother Jason called them out for being biased

By Web Desk
February 10, 2024
Travis Kelce (left) with brother Jason Kelce standing next to their podcast show poster, New Heights. — Forbes/File
Travis Kelce (left) with brother Jason Kelce standing next to their podcast show poster, "New Heights". — Forbes/File

During a lighthearted conversation with brother, Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce defended singer girlfriend Taylor Swift's hordes of fans on their podcast, "New Heights," winning "Swifties" hearts, Today reported.

The Kelce brothers were talking about their X platform's current "Best NFL Team Name" bracket.

The third round of the bracket pitted the Buffalo Bills against the Chiefs, and even though the Bills made it to the final four, Jason questioned if Taylor Swift's support of the Chiefs had any influence on their successful run.

He said, "The Swifties have this unrealistic infatuation with the Chiefs and Travis Kelce, and they’re only voting based on their love for you, not on their love for the team name. So it wasn’t a realistic representation of what team name's better."

However, Travis quickly butted in, saying humorously, "This is ridiculous that you’re just throwing everything on the Swifties!"

Swifties took note of Travis's loyalty and Jason's teasing comments, with many people thanking Travis for sticking up for them, saying, "Thanks Travis for standing up for the Swifties."

However, it all turned out to be a moot point anyway, because the Chiefs were eliminated in the third round of the bracket.

Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl on February 11.