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Select 'view once' option for WhatsApp voicenotes and be carefree

WhatsApp introduces feature that plays voice messages only once to secure communication

By Web Desk
December 08, 2023
WhatsApp voice note logo. — WhatsApp
WhatsApp voice note logo. — WhatsApp

Enhancing user experience, WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that will make your life easier — the "view once" option for the voice messages.

As the Meta-owned WhatsApp claims to be the most secure medium for online conversations, it keeps bringing improvements to support this claim.

The "view once" options for voice notes is one of the latest features WhatsApp has rolled out for safer conversations.

After introducing the "view once" feature for pictures to protect photo sharing from misuse, the instant messenger has made the same feature applicable to voice notes.

"Say it once, play it once now you can select 'view once' when sending a voice note for an added layer of protection," WhatsApp announced on its official account on X.

It means you just have to select the "view once" option for the WhatsApp voice notes and be carefree about the info shared through it.

WhatsApp's X post contained a slideshow video explaining the feature.

Using the "view once" option for voice notes, the users will have the choice and control over anything they are sharing.

They will be able to share what they want "privately" as the receiver will no longer be able to save, forward, or even listen to the voice notes more than once.

The new feature will also assist the safe transfer of "sensitive information" and have their peace of mind being carefree about the possibility of the info being saved or forwarded to a third party.