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Prince Harry and Prince William’s internal conflict to be shown in 'The Crown'

Prince Harry's struggle takes center stage in riveting depiction of Royal rift

By Web Desk
November 10, 2023

In the upcoming and final series of The Crown, the intricate dynamics of the Prince William-Prince Harry conflict, previously highlighted by Harry himself in the documentary Harry & Meghan, will take center stage. 

Portrayed by Luther Ford as a teenager, Prince Harry is set to confront the perceived 'unfairness' within the royal family, expressing frustration over different standards applied to him and his older brother, played by Ed McVey. 

The narrative intensifies with scenes depicting a young Prince Harry grappling with controversies like his 2005 Nazi fancy dress incident and revelations about his lifestyle choices. 

The show explores his sentiments of being cast as the scapegoat and the black sheep, juxtaposed against what he perceives as Prince William's unblemished image. 

The portrayal adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing debate about whether dramatist Peter Morgan will treat Prince Harry with kid gloves, considering the Duke of Sussex's lucrative Netflix deal reportedly valued at £78 million over five years.

An insider, who has had a glimpse of the upcoming season of The Crown, reveals a sympathetic portrayal of the young Princes navigating the challenges of grief following the death of their mother, Princess Diana. 

While both William and Harry are depicted with understanding, the show delves into Harry's internal struggles as the perceived 'spare' to the heir, Prince William.

Drawing from Harry's autobiography Spare, the series explores his attempt to blame William and Kate for his controversial choice of a Nazi costume at a party, citing their supposed approval.