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King Charles' dodges marriage with TV star cousin: 'Would’ve been awful’

King Charles is avoiding royal union royal union with TV star cousin

October 22, 2023

King Charles' cousin Princess Olga Romanoff, recently shared insights into her mother's desires to arrange a marriage between her and former Prince Charles, her third cousin. 

Despite the unconventional proposal, Princess Olga expressed that she wasn't surprised by her mother's aspirations.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Princess Olga acknowledged her mother's perspective, stating, "It didn't horrify me — I knew what my mother was like." 

She revealed that her mother's primary criteria for a potential spouse were title and wealth, as she believed these attributes would bring happiness. 

This was a common expectation for young women in that era.

Despite her reality TV success, Princess Olga also recently disclosed that her mother had once considered arranging a marriage between her and former Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son. 

However, she expressed relief that the match never materialized. In her words, "Luckily, the poor man had a very good escape." 

She acknowledged that such a union would have been challenging for both of them, particularly for Prince Charles.