Wednesday December 06, 2023

Amy Jackson ‘over the moon’ after being compared to Cillain Murphy by trolls

Amy Jackson sparked mockery as she underwent style transformation for a mystery new role

By Web Desk
September 25, 2023
Amy Jackson ‘over the moon’ on being compared to Cillain Murphy
Amy Jackson ‘over the moon’ on being compared to Cillain Murphy 

Amy Jackson addressed the online backlash she has been receiving over her transformation for an upcoming movie. 

Recently, the actress shared several photos on Instagram, featuring her new look which led to instant trolling.

Netizens were comparing the 31-year-old model's makeover to Peaky Blinder star Cillain Murphy. 

During an interview with The Times of India, the British actress revealed that she has transformed herself for the new project.

"I’m an actor and I take my job very seriously. For the last month, I’ve been filming a new project in the UK. So, for the character I am playing, I had to slim down and fully commit myself to the role," shared Amy. 

The Singh Is Bling actress expressed sadness over the insensitive comments and hate she has been receiving online. 

She added, "The online outcry from the (mainly male) Indian demographic is quite sad."

The former Miss Teen World called out the double standards of audience for appreciating male actors’ dedication towards their work more than female actresses. 

"I’ve worked with male co-stars who had to drastically change their look for a film, and they were highly praised for it. The moment a woman does it through unusual hair and makeup which doesn’t conform to their idealism of beauty, they think they have the right to troll you," she further said. 

On being compared to the renowned Irish actor, Amy said she is feeling "over the moon" as Murphy is "chiselled perfection."