Monday December 04, 2023

Tori Spelling faces accusations of undergoing fillers amid financial struggles

Tori Spelling's altered look as she grapples with financial woes

By Web Desk
September 22, 2023
Revealing what work Tori Spelling may have had done.
Revealing what work Tori Spelling may have had done.

Tori Spelling found herself under the scrutiny of fans who accused her of undergoing fillers amidst her well-documented financial challenges.

The recent incident occurred during her appearance at 90s Con 2023 in Tampa, Florida, where she shared a video on social media that sparked a wave of speculation regarding the authenticity of her financial struggles.

In response to the video, many of Spelling's fans discussed her seemingly plumped lips and face, igniting discussions about her rumored cosmetic treatments. 

This comes in the wake of her recent hospitalization due to a mysterious illness and her subsequent stay at an RV park with her five children following her split from Dean McDermott.

The video shared on Instagram over the weekend showcased Tori Spelling blowing kisses at the camera while sporting a white crop top and denim cargo pants that accentuated her slim figure. 

However, it was her altered appearance that took center stage in the comments section.

One comment read, "I don't understand, if you're that broke, then how do you afford all those fillers in your face? Your face is overfilled." 

Others chimed in, with one user suggesting Spelling should "cool off on the fillers" and emphasizing that she is "pretty without all that."

Tori Spelling has previously denied undergoing extensive cosmetic procedures, admitting only to a breast enhancement in the past. 

Her choice of a vacation in a recreational vehicle in early August had led to speculation that she might be moving into a trailer park due to her financial challenges.