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Singer Asad Abbas loses life to kidney disease

Coke Studio singer had asked media industry, politicians to aid his treatment, saying that he required Rs50 million for kidney transplant

By Web Desk
August 15, 2023
Pakistani singer Asad Abbas. — Instagram/Twitter/@TalhaJunaid786
Pakistani singer Asad Abbas. — Instagram/Twitter/@TalhaJunaid786

Coke Studio singer Asad Abbas, who was in need of financial aid for a kidney transplant, died on Tuesday after fighting a prolonged kidney illness. 

The singer was suffering from a critical kidney issue and was undergoing dialysis four days a week. He had asked the media industry, politicians and everyone to aid his treatment, saying that he required Rs50 million for the kidney transplant.

"May the Almighty Allah expand his grave and give Asad Abbas eternal peace. He fought till the end," said Abbas' Facebook account.

The reports of his death were also confirmed by singer Sohail Haider on Facebook. "And another gem lost the battle. RIP Asad Abbas," he wrote on his account.

Fellow singers and artists including actor Adnan Siddiqui made an appeal asking everyone to help the ailing Coke Studio singer for a kidney transplant.

"Asad Abbas has graced our lives with his beautiful voice, capturing our hearts with his soulful performances and musical genius. Sadly, behind the curtain of his immense talent, he is today waging a personal battle that has left him in a state of extreme financial distress.

"He is currently grappling with a critical kidney issue, which has not only taken a toll on his health but has also created significant financial burdens," wrote the actor in his Instagram post.

Asking the people to come forward to help the singer as much as they can, Siddiqui wrote: "It is in times like these that we, as a community, need to rally together and extend our support to someone who has given us countless moments of joy through his music. As an artist too, it is our responsibility to stand by fellow artists and help them during their times of need.

"I appeal to each and every one of you to contribute whatever you can to assist Asad Abbas in this trying time. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a significant difference in easing his financial burdens and allowing him to focus on his recovery and return to doing what he loves most - creating beautiful music."

Abbas had turned to the people, asking them to help him with the transplant.

"I undergo dialysis for four days a week and my health is very bad. I request to my media industry, politicians and everyone who is watching that I have served my country, I am the winner of Sangeet Icon, I have won a Lux Style Award, I have performed in Coke Studio and have a Pride of Pakistan award [...] I am in need of Rs50 million for the transplant."

The singer was a part of Coke Studio season 6 and sang Mahi Gal featuring Fariha Parvez.