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Man suspected of harassing Srha Asghar 'may walk free'

Police say complainant failed to produce clothes torn during incident or eyewitnesses as requested

By Afzal Nadeem Dogar
August 11, 2023
Pakistani actress Srha Asghar. — Instagram/ srhaasgr.official
Pakistani actress Srha Asghar. — Instagram/ srhaasgr.official

KARACHI: Police said Friday that the man suspected of harassing Pakistani actress Srha Asghar may walk free and the First Information Report (FIR) filed against him may be dismissed due to the non-cooperation of the complainant.

However, Sharea Faisal Investigation Department in charge, Inspector Javed Babar said that his department is preparing to file a case challan against the suspect — Asim — who is also a neighbour of the victim.

Babar added that when the suspect was produced in court the following day, he denied all the allegations. 

"When the female judge summoned the alleged victim, she did not come to the court.

"Even the clothes torn during the incident or eyewitnesses of the incident requested by the police and the court were not produced."

Nor did any lawyer appear in the court on behalf of the plaintiff, the police added.

Due to the non-cooperation of the plaintiff, the court ordered that the suspect be released on bail.

According to police sources, the incident took place on August 1 when the actress went to the market to run errands.

The FIR has been registered at the Sharea Faisal Police Station on the complaint of Umar Murtaza — who is Srha's husband.

In the statement given to the law enforcement agency, Srha claimed that a person started following her and catcalling while she was returning from the market.

She further told the police that the suspect followed her to her home and tried touching her due to which her clothes were also torn.

According to the statement, Srha rang the doorbell and called her husband from the house. This also led to a fight between her husband and the suspect.

According to the woman, the man then entered the house and assaulted her, and her clothes were torn.

According to Babar, however, after registering the case and referring the accused to the police, the plaintiff or her husband did not come to the police station.