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Sofia Vergara's Italian escape shines bright amidst divorce announcement

Sofia Vergara shares joyful moments from her Italian vacation amidst divorce news from Joe Manganiello

By Web Desk
July 18, 2023
Sofia Vergaras Italian escape shines bright amidst divorce announcement
Sofia Vergara's Italian escape shines bright amidst divorce announcement

Actress Sofia Vergara, renowned for her role in the popular TV series Modern Family, remained upbeat despite the news of her divorce from Joe Manganiello. Instead of letting it dampen her spirits, she took to Instagram to share delightful moments from her vacation in Italy.

On one of her Instagram Stories, Vergara posted a mirror picture of herself with her friends during a night out in Ravello, Italy. The caption "Ravello Nights" perfectly captured the joyful and lively atmosphere of the occasion. 

She also shared additional details about her Italian trip, including a photo of herself enjoying the sun while wearing a swimsuit. Sporting a dark blue leopard print one-piece, she exuded relaxation and showcased the pleasant final days of her holiday.

Simultaneously, news broke about Vergara's divorce from Joe Manganiello, marking the end of their seven-year marriage. In a joint statement provided to Page Six, the couple confirmed their difficult decision to part ways and kindly requested privacy as they navigate this new chapter in their lives. 

Sources revealed that they had been growing apart and contemplating their future. Although the news may have come as a surprise to fans, it was revealed that the couple had been leading separate lives for some time.

Sofia Vergara's recent Instagram pictures left her fans in awe, sparking a frenzy on social media. The comments section overflowed with admiration and astonishment, with many expressing disbelief at how the actress, at the age of 51, looks incredibly stunning. 

One fan exclaimed, "How is she 51 and looking like this?!" while another gushed, "That explains the heatwave! Most beautiful woman of the world for already many many years ."

Fans from various countries joined in the excitement, with one eagerly proclaiming, "The queen is in my country." Her flawless appearance prompted one fan to declare, "A DEFINITION OF PERFECT AAAAAA," while another simply stated, "Gorgeous lady." 

These enthusiastic reactions are a testament to Sofia Vergara's timeless beauty and enduring status as a beloved icon in the entertainment industry.