Wednesday October 04, 2023

Prince Harry 'holding others responsible' for his 'privileges': Expert

Prince Harry is using the benefits of being in the Royal Family to the fullest

By Web Desk
June 09, 2023
Prince Harry holding others responsible for his privileges: Expert

Prince Harry has throne syndrome like past 'spares,' says an expert.

The Duke of Sussex, who has recently made headlines with his return to the UK, is blamed for enjoying his royal 'privileges' to the fullest.

Royal expert Nigel Cawthorne says: “The truth of being the spare is that you can take liberties that the heir cannot. History tells us that most royal spares — with the exception perhaps of the Queen's father — have always enjoyed that privilege to the fullest while they were young."

He adds: “Prince Andrew took full use of the spares in his youth before settling down with Fergie, so did Edward VII who risked several scandals in court while still the spare to 'Crown Prince' Eddy.

“The fact that Harry chose a long distance relationship which, in his own words, 'is incredibly hard' tells its own story that he may not have to settle down.

“Like other spares, Harry seems to suffer from 'Throne Syndrome': making full use of royal privileges while holding others responsible for their license," concluded Cawthorne.